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Organic Mushroom Medley - 1 oz

  • Gourmet organic dried mushrooms
  • Easy to use for everyday cooking
  • Variety of mushroom types
  • Convenient retail size for home cooks
  • Total net weight: 1 ounce

The Mushroom Medley Assortment from FungusAmongUs features the most popular mushroom flavors. Porcini, Shiitake, Crimini, and Oyster mushrooms all contribute to a savory and wholesome assortment. These mushrooms work well in a variety of meals including meats, spaghetti, wild rice, curries, and more.

These mushrooms are easy to rehydrate. Pour hot water over these mushrooms and wait 30 minutes or until the texture becomes soft before straining and rinsing the mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are dry, they are ready to be put into any dish.

All FungusAmongus mushrooms are USDA-certified organic to provide the cleanest and healthiest mushrooms possible. This 1-ounce bag is perfect for those looking to taste these gourmet-quality mushrooms. Enjoy a variety of bold and distinct flavors from this Mushroom Medley Assortment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
MY favorite for mushroom soup

Whenever I feel a tickle in my throat, or spring turns cold and rainy (like today) I go to our chest freezer and pull out my bag of bulk organic mushroom medley. Sometimes I add fresh mushrooms to my soup (often during farmer's market season), sometimes not, but this wonderfully varied, redolent combination always makes for a phenomenal soup. I have always been very pleased with the cleanliness and quality of Fungus Among Us dried mushrooms. I like that whoever puts the medley together doesn't chintz on the nicer mushrooms; there are always plenty of each kind.