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Bulk Organic Shiitake Mushrooms - 8 oz

  • Gourmet organic dried shiitake mushrooms
  • Delicious flavor and versatility for your favorite recipes
  • Bulk size great for restaurants and retailers
  • Total Net Wt 8 oz

Our second most popular mushroom, Shiitake, is one of the most versatile mushrooms in the kitchen.

This bulk size is useful for restaurants and other retailers or those with larger tasks in your home kitchen.

The delicious flavor profile can stand up to any spicy dish, even replacing meat in spaghetti sauce. Dried shiitake mushrooms also make a great addition to any soup dish, adding bold flavor and great texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Warren Spates

Happy with the bulk organic shiitake mushrooms thought it was great that you gave me 10 percent off for getting on your new online system. Thanks!

Super quality mushrooms and fast shipping too

This is the best shop by far on the internet to purchase mushrooms.
I recommend this store to anyone who loves mushrooms as much as I do.
Delighted again with my purchase!

Bulk Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

These are by far the best dried Shiitakes I have ever had. Even though they are dried, they have the full flavor of fresh and plump up quite nicely.

Ravens post
Shiitake heaven

Finding organic mushrooms was a problem for me here in Utah especially finging Japanese Shiitake mushrooms that weren't shipped from China. THANK YOU! Awesome quality and price my mushrooms caps were perfect caps with amazing flavor! Highly recommend! Ill be purchasing more.

Best bulk mushrooms

I would highly recommend this product over any other bulk supplier of mushrooms on the net..For example on EBay they offer mushrooms in bulk but "ALL" the ones I found were sub standard (horrible quality).
.So thanks to the Fungusamongus store I can now enjoy these exotic mushrooms knowing that I have a high quality USDA organic product and at a very reasonable price. Fast shipping to! Thanks again.