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Bulk Organic Portobello Mushroom Jar - 6 oz

  • Premium organic dried mushrooms
  • Bold flavor and meaty texture
  • Easy to rehydrate
  • Bulk size great for restaurants and retailers
  • Total net weight: 6 ounces

When a crimini mushroom matures, it turns into the portobello, the largest of all cultivated mushrooms. This mushroom's bold and hearty flavor is excellent for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone looking for a delicious replacement for meat.

Due to its large size, the portobello can absorb a large amount of liquid for a juicy and fulfilling flavor. Enjoy portobello mushrooms throughout the year by adding this mushroom's delicious flavor profile with pasta, burgers, and soup dishes.

Rehydrating portobello mushrooms is quick and easy. Add hot water and wait 30 minutes or until the mushrooms become soft, before straining, rinsing, and drying the mushrooms. Add to any dish and enjoy the earthy and rich taste.

Use this bulk 6-ounce jar to add delicious portobello flavor to favorite meals for months.