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Bulk Organic Crimini Mushroom Jar - 6 oz

  • Premium organic dried crimini mushrooms
  • Perfect for a variety of dishes
  • Also known as the 'Italian Brown'
  • Convenient bulk size for restaurants and retailers
  • Total net weight: 6 ounces

Also known as the Italian Brown, the crimini mushroom gives a complex flavor. Dried crimini mushrooms add delicious flavor to a wide assortment of dishes, perfect for those who enjoy spaghetti, risottos, and soups. Crimini mushrooms are also low in carbohydrates, calories, and sodium while offering a delicious way to add nutrients to any diet.

As with all mushrooms from FungusAmongUs, these crimini mushrooms are USDA-certified organic to provide the cleanest and healthiest mushrooms possible. This 6-ounce jar boasts a meaty crimini flavor to add a delicious mushroom flavor to a favorite meal.

Reheating these mushrooms is simple. Pour hot water over these mushrooms and wait 30 minutes or until the texture becomes soft. Then strain, rinse, and dry the mushrooms to include in any mushroom dish.